Coffee & Desserts


Aperol $9

Licor 43 $9

Strega $9

Campari $9

Digestivos Dulces

Disaronno $9

Frangelico $9

Liquor Digestivos

Carajillo $13

Otilia’s Carajillo $14


Espresso $6

Mocha $6

Latte $6

Americano $5 (Refill $2)

Cappuccino $6

Chocolate $8

Iced Coffee $10

Iced Caramel Macchiato $10

Java Chip $10


Crème brûlée $15

classic French dessert, vanilla cream served with freshly caramelized sugar and berries.

Tiramisù $16

carajillo style, served with homemade savoiardi cookies, mascarpone cheese, Licor 43, and semi-sweet chocolate.

Pavlova de mango $15

fine layer of meringue filled with chopped mango, passion fruit, mint, and whipped cream, served with mango sorbet and mint powder.

Cheesecake Vasco $14

burnt Basque Cheesecake served with fresh figs, pistachios, and honey. Accompanied by pistachio ice cream.